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Since many years, Bubble Ice Bag is the expert in hydroponic extraction, essential oils, aromas, and plant extracts.

Our bags are already distributed in Europe via wholesalers and shops (France, Swiss, Czech Republic). We decided to get closer to you, and to offer you the possibility to get directly in touch with us, through this site.

Our bags are manufactured in Europe, based on raw material carefully selected by our team. For you it means total control of the production and no compromise with the quality. We also guaranty a free, fast and confidential delivery wherever you are in the world.

Our range of bags is suitable for all type of customers: limited extraction (10 liters - 2.6 gallons), medium extraction (20 liters - 5 gallons) or much more (50 liters - 13 gallons), simplified extractions (2 bags per set: 230 and 25 microns), or more much more refined (4 bags: 230, 120, 75 and 25 microns), classic shape (straight), or "V" shape with extended mesh.

The "V" shape, with extended mesh, is a unique process, an amazing improvement, and allows you to fasten and optimize the process of extraction.